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(Josh Brown) #1

I am using the Clearing theme and alread have used a google font(Merriwether) in the “master code.” I am building a special page within my site and trying to override that page only with Roboto Slab. I cannot get it to work, any help would be appreciate.

(Doug Bennett) #2

Would really be nice if you posted the Master code you added.
I’m seeing an awful lot of fonts on that page.
Merriwether, Core Magic, Georgia, and more.

(Josh Brown) #3

(Doug Bennett) #4

The page level font family has no selector.
If you want the same as the site level, only overriding whats “Merriwether” with Roboto then add the * like you have in the site styles.

* {font-family: 'Roboto Slab', serif;}

(Josh Brown) #5

That did it! Thanks a bunch!

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