Font Pro- Looks great on iPhone and chrome not loading safari

I built a site with Aspen and used font pro to use two font that are not built in. Both fonts are from Adobe Typekit.
Site looks great on Chrome and even on my iphone but all the fonts on Safari are default fonts…somebody help me out here, please? I have never had this happened…ever.


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On my mac in both Safari and Chrome I get some cutoff on the text as shown at a particular screen size.

interesting…It’s not the right font either. For some reason, it’s just deciding to show up properly where it wants. Im so terrible on the coding end.

Should appear like this with the fonts imported

It may not be entirely your fault Joe. On my own website I have a page where I use a different font than other pages and it looks right in Chrome and Firefox but not in Safari. I am still trying to discover why.

Also, the cutoff for the text “ENCOUNTER” appears at the larger screen window size, it does not cutoff if the window size is reduced, on my computer :wink:

You seem to have fixed it. It comes out fine in Safari on my Mac.

Yea after wrestling and trying to find some help I found that the problems was putting the hyphen on bebas-Neue in the font pro stake

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Glad that you figured it out! Great site.

Thanks joe! They hyphen on the font name beans neue was the culprit. So odd that that one character could mess w safari!

The surprising thing, it seems to me, is not that it throws safari but that it doesn’t throw the other browsers.


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