Click on menu item, downloads that page (Lander Pro theme)

All of sudden, I’m experiencing an odd behaviour when clicking some menu items on the menu, using the Lander Pro Theme. Some of the menu items react just normal and some others start the download of the clicked page instead of just opening it on the browser. As far as I am aware I did not make any changes…
Any cue?

Can you post a link to your site?

Hi David,
Thanks for the help.
It is just a test for the moment, but here is the link:
It happens when clicking on “Exhibitions” or *Revue de Presse"
The only thing I did -as far as I know- was adding some pictures to the gallery and re-publish. Afterwards I realiced that behaviour (that wasn’t there the last days)


Hi David,
I could not find the reason for the issue, but I managed to resolve the problem:
I duplicated the pages with the issue, deleting the originals just afterwards and re-publishing with the copies.
All working again. Wondering what it was…

All the best


Glad you got it fixed. Sometimes it just takes a re-publish. :grinning:

The file extension will usually determine this if a regular link. But an html or php should obviously not initiate a download. If this happens again try a different browser to see if it’s actually a site issue or browser issue.

Hi Greg,

I already tried to compare with other browsers. Definitively, it is not a browser issue, tried all them, getting the same response (download). I think it must be a bug on the theme but I will not point at it if I can’t repete the behaviour (should happen again, I’ll do it)