Rapidweaver 7 - standard theme "Lander" don´t work

Hello everybody,
I bought the 7th Upgrade version some day´s ago, because it looks so much cleaner than the 6th version of Rapidweaver.
So I created a new privat webpage with 4-5 pages for my own (based on a RW6 version). To test the functions, I also used the new standard theme “lander”. Everything seems to work fine, but when I export everything, the standard menue of “lander” don´t works: nothing happens, when I click on the “+” icon. Is it a bug? BTW: Inside of RW7 everything seems to work correctly, but not after publishing it locally and open it in Safari… :-/

After testing, if the theme is generally buggy, I created a new projet, to see, if the menue also will not work.
This one worked.
So I compared all files with my own project and realized, that the JS wasn´t exported, so that the side menue couldn´t work of course. Although I exported everything twice and more…Really strange!
I copied the script and… Voilà…everything works fine now :sunglasses: