Click to call links not working

I thought that all modern mobile browsers recognised phone numbers automatically - but a client advises some Android phones don’t. So on request, changed the numbers to links. Did them as follows:

<a href=”tel:01227694007>01227 694007</a>
<a href=”tel:07833467733>07833 467733</a>

But they just go to a 404. Am I missing something obvious?

using Foundation and link is in Paragraph stack

Don’t you need a closing "?

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Yes - I am missing something completely obvious! Should have just done it myself instead of cutting the code they sent through! Out of interest are you aware of Android phones that don’t simply recognise phone numbers? My clients internet marketing guys insist it’s the case but I would have thought it pretty rare these days. Easier just using the phone numbers as you don’t have to make exception for the way the link displays in a phone. number.

Phone number, like date and time detection is likely locale specific too. So if the clients android phones are set up for a locale outside of the area then they may see those as just random strings of numbers.

Also: you need a closing double quote ayer the number before the > sign.

Just one more thing to check.

Does this post help - both for syntax and the importance of getting the full number string?

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so best to set the link to international format you think?

Thanks for input - turns out the real reason they wanted telephone numbers done this way was to track calls via analytics - didn’t mention this to avoid chargeable amendments. As far as I can see, all modern mobile browsers recognise phone numbers and automatically ‘click to call’.

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