Client wants access to manage site

(Mike Mahon) #1

I’ve been contacted by my client saying he wants to have access to the site so his wife can manage the site from now on (she’s done a night course in design). Is there a way I can give him access to the site without giving him all the files. Also as I’ve done the website on a mac and no doubt they will be using a pc, will they be able to use the original design and files.

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

Beyond what Steve already mentioned, they should have access to the site. Do they not already? I wouldn’t charge just to give them the FTP access credentials/logins. You could also indicate what software/platform you are using and approximate cost of purchasing for themselves. None of this should take you more than 10 minutes.

But, as Steve notes, without RW and stacks they’ll be able to do very little with this access except rebuild their own website again.

(Greg Schneck) #4

You say they want “access” so the wife can “manage”… that is really two different things. Does she want to “own” the site or just be able to post content? If she wants to own it remind her that what you DON"T see is just as important as the design. Things like forwarders in htaccess (for changed links), proper meta tags, a nicely maintained web space, security, seo friendly, etc, et ,

(Jan Fuellemann) #5

You can use a CMS like Armadillo or Pulse or Total to make the content editable. Thus they have control and still not need to buy a Mac, RW etc.