Backend access for rapid weaver


I’m trying to move my website from rapid weaver to Wordpress but I can’t work out how to give access to a friend so she can access my website from her laptop. Is there a secret way to do this?

What exactly are you trying to do? I presume the site is published and she can view it on the web?

Do you want to give your friend access to the RW project file? If so, then she will need RW along with any add-ons you have used to build the site.

If you want her to have access to the raw content of the site, she will need FTP details to access the server if the site is live. She would need to rebuild the site in Wordpress.

Thanks Gary

I’m moving my website to Wordpress at the same domain but want to keep the SEOS from my blog on the old RW site.

How can she get remote access to the content on my RW app so she can move it over?


That won’t be possible. But she can simply copy all texts from the RW site and paste them into the new WP site. Maybe she can also right-click the images and download them to use them in the WP site. But it would be better to use the original images for the new site and not the (probably scaled down) versions from the RW site.

As Gary @Ruyton said if what she wants is access to Rapidweaver, she would need to purchase Rapidweaver and any add-ons (themes, plugins, stacks, etc) that you used to create the site. Almost all are licensed per user. Of course, she would also need a Mac. Once all that is taken care of then she would need your project file.

Rapidweaver doesn’t work anything like WordPress. WordPress everything is done online and pages are generated on the webserver. RapidWeaver is performed on your Mac and static pages are uploaded to the server.

But there shouldn’t be any need for her to access the Rapidweaver project to copy the content over. She should be able to get everything from the live site.

You can also use something like SiteSucker to download the static content including images and media.

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