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My site is bilingual English & French. The default page is in English, but living in a French speaking area, I would like to automatically redirect French speaking visitors to the French home page. I would like this to happen once in a given period, to let them choose to navigate the site in English if they wish so.

Any idea ?

Joe Workman’s Agent stack or Will Woodgate’s RWML stack. There may be others that i missed, these two stackss are very popular and from great developers.

Will Woodgate’s RWML stack in my opinion, it is the best RW stack in the market today for a multilingual website :slightly_smiling_face:

I found this, but it is fro Wordpress if I understand right.

Yes I’m aware of RWML, as I used it until recently. I used it on my home page only, and I decided to go for two separate pages instead.
I have an older version of the stack, that I got from the initial developper.
Unless something has changed in a new version, it wouldn’t switch automatically to another language, you had to decide for a language and then the choice would remain.

Yes, thanks, I’ve used it for a long time, but unless I’m wrong it cannot automatically redirect, you have to use a switch!

As far as I remember it was Joost? who did the stack originally but Will has taken it over and given it a significant rewrite. Redirect is mentioned on the site and their is a free user guide (can’t download and look at just now as at work) so would recommend reading it to see what has changed and it is now capable of doing.

Any WordPress plugins you find will not work with RapidWeaver.

I do have the Agent stack but don’t use it for language changes/redirects. Have a look at the page and Joe also has a good few videos about Agent too which should help to see if it does what you need it to.

Yes it was Joost, you’re right, I got it from him years ago, and he even gave it to me for free, which was very nice.
I’ve downloaded Will’s demo version and instructions, and I’ve read that he thinks there’s no reliable solution to automatically redirect visitors based on their default language. There’s a RWML Redirect stack in the collection, so I’m not sure what it does exactly,

Home and had a look at the Agent stacks. The language one is only to display different content based on languages detected, no redirect based on language. There is one based on query URLs, so you could have a landing page to select your language, then redirect based on selection. Not automatic I know but at least would get what you want.

Curious would it be better to have a single page, for SEO, with content automatically available/selectable based on language?

A landing page with RWML was exactly what I had. I would have liked to have a RWML menu that could redirect to other pages, since the rest of the site was in two other folders, but apparently it could only work with another language within the same page. So I had a sort of a splash page with links to other pages but no menu, which was annoying.

Theres a great stack from Will Woodgate called Gator that I could have used on my splash page, maybe I will go back to a RWML entry page, who knows!?

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