Simple multi-language site

Hi all. I am looking for advice about creating a very simple two-language site in RapidWeaver. Below is my outline so far. Does this sound reasonable? Can anyone offer theme suggestions or other guidance? I particularly have no idea how to set or read a cookie.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Adaptive, mainly for iPhone and iPad

Will be used with Google Analytics and Google AdWords
- Including conversion tracking for contact form

Browser compatibility priority:
- Safari (including old versions)
- Firefox (including old versions)
- Chrome (including old versions)
- IE/PC browser (not really needed if it’s hard)

- domain/en
- domain/de

Landing page:
- If language cookie:
— Navigate to domain/en or domain/de
- Else:
— Grayed out landing page with required English or Deutsch button choice
— Set language cookie
— Navigate to domain/en or domain/de

Main page:
- Clear language choice (flags in upper right?)
— with direct link to associated page (not just drop at home page)
- Clear menu selector for mobile devices (upper left?)
- Home
- Service
- Prices
- About
- Contact form
— With conversion tracking - so needs confirmation page?

I’d start by checking out Stacks4Stacks RML suite of stacks. I think they’ll probably be able to handle the multi-lingual side of things really nicely.

Good tutorial videos as well if I recall correctly.


Also have a look at Agent

I have both S4S-RWML and JW-Agent, both will handle multilingual sites.

Hi robbeattie, thanks for the suggestion! I just watched the RWML tutorial and one thing I didn’t see was using a different number of navigation items per language. For example, if I have a certain page that exists in only one language I might have 5 navigation buttons in English but 6 in German. Do you know if that’s possible in RWML?

Hi Phil, do you know if Agent will support a different number of navigational items per language? For example English has 5 pages to navigate to, but German has 6? Thanks for the suggestion!

I don’t own the stacks I’m afraid so that’s a question for @willwood.


With Agent and RWML you place content in language stacks, say one set for English and another set for German. The users selects a language and the associated stacks are displayed (a language cookie is saved). I usually create a menu for each language. The stacks4stacks website has a good explanation of how this all works.

Busy working on a site, in Rapidweaver Edit looks like this:

In Preview looks like this:

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