CODEX Navigation bar

(Federico) #1

Hi guys, I need some help with CODEX NavBar… I need to do an externel link…

"""" Nav works perfect but I need to link to an external page for laguage selection.


How I could

(David) #2

Use an Offsite page.

(klaatu) #3


Did you try a search in the forum?

(Federico) #4

THANK YOU… I will check it

(Federico) #5

Great!!! I will try it, THANK YOU KLAATU

(David) #6

Sorry - I wasn’t aware that Codex is a single page theme. @klaatu 's quoting of @kryten 's post gives the directions on how to modify the theme to accommodate offsite links, so best to check that post.

(Federico) #7

Thank you Thang… I will check klaatu

(Federico) #8

:ok_hand::+1: works perfect !!!

(Federico) #9

W-O-R-K-S P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!! :+1::ok_hand::grin:

(Federico) #10

Everything OK… Consider this topic closed now, thanks for suggestions and advice.