Codex Theme (Michael David) cross platform issues

Seeing some issues with the Codex theme and not managed to resolve with MD yet. Wondering if anyone on here experienced similar and found a workarounds.

Codex is a one-page theme that utilises extraContent areas with linking to each from navigation bar at the top.

On RW Preview - all good.
On Firefox, all seems fine.
Chrome/Safari (Mac/iOS) - Navigation doesn’t work unless you specify the full url into the address bar. Links for the same url don’t fire.
IE - Menus working but Social icons displaying as letters on the screen and no back to top arrow - also noticed that the whole Siphon stack from 1LD is missing on extraContent7 - but only on IE

Example - - navigation doesn’t work
Specify the full url and it works -

As time has run on, I’m about to scrap the project and start afresh with new theme. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jason

The Codex example on MDD website works fine on Chrome / Safari. Michael used the same / similar Extra Content approach in his Endeavour them and that also seems to be fine in one of my sites.

I’m no coder but JQuery library conflicts are often the culprit: I would start by removing the Canvas Overlap stack and then the Syphon stack and see if that has any effect.

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