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I’m using the contact form included in RW 7 and creating websites in different languages. it’s possible to change some settings/text i.e. the “send” button. I have now the problem, that I can’t configure the button and text for “attachments”. Does anybody know ?
Thanks in advance


For anything even slightly more complicated than the basic website design, I would suggest purchasing Stacks plugin and one of the multilingual stacks. I use RWML stack from Stacks4Stacks for my multilingual site and couldn’t be more satisfied.


Thanks for reply. But I know, it´spossible to buy nearly everything. I hoped to avoid that. And you can access the send button and all messages. except the attachment button and text :frowning:

Which part of the attachment field do you want to translate.
Remember that the file upload button isn’t translateable, as it is rendered by the browser and chosen browser language.

ok. thanks. i didn’t know. then maybe the text “keine Datei ausgewählt” is the same.

Yes. Then your browser language is set to German.

E.g. English speaking users most probably have their browser language set to English, so these elements will be rendered by the browser for these users also in English.

You can take a look at for adapting formpages.

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