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I am creating a new website. Essentially I duplicated the RW project file for an older site. This new site only has a few pages with little content yet is 21.5 Mb in size. So I opened up the project contents folder and found that the folder named SharedPluginData is very large (13 Mb): essentially it takes up 60% of the project file size.

I then looked inside this SharedPluginData folder and it contained a bunch of images I’ve never used. The contents.plist file within this folder is 11.1 Mb. So it’s taking up 86% of the folder’s space.

The size, per se, is not a huge problem. But this seems to be a waste. Is there any way I can eliminate these images and the contents.plist file so it all reflects what’s truly used in my project?

I vaguely remember someone asking a similar question sometime in the past 6-9 months but I can’t locate that discussion. Hopefully @isaiah or someone else has some good tips. Let me know if I need to provide a more detailed description.

This is an old problem that I have also addressed here. Images are often not deleted from the project file.

Go in the stacks library and have a look at the images there when opening just that project.

Happens for me also.

Thanks @apfelpuree and @instacks . I did eliminate the images via the finder and there seems to have been no harm done. But in my screenshot the biggest file was that Contents.plist file.

As a wacky experiment I trashed that specific plist file (red rectangle above) and, naturally, RW told me it couldn’t open the project. Then, as a complete wacky move, I dragged a copy of the contents.plist just above that folder (501 bytes instead of 11.1 Mb) into the YHStacksPlugin folder and it opened up fine! I don’t know WHY it worked. There was nothing insightful on my part. I then tried to use the project file: adding content, adding pages, and there seemed to be no problems! That’s the good news. The bad news, of course, is I have no idea why this worked and if there might be negative impact somewhere down the line.

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