Orphaned Files in a Project File

I often have the problem that resources I had deleted from the resources folder remain in the depths of the project file. Here is an example:

The resources folder seems to be empty, but in the depths of the project file the resources I have deleted before remain and inflate the size of the project file (and maybe still interfere with some functions). This project file has a size of nearly 900 MB, but actually it should not be much bigger than about 100 MB.

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@dan Will this change in RW9?

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Yes. This sort of thing happens to me, too, at each export. I have mentioned this in various posts over the years, but never got a plausible answer with a reason or a remedy.

I do not use Resources, except for the site logo. But in published ‘files’ folder on every page, I notice unwanted images and icons that come from stacks and/or sample projects – even though they were deleted from my projects, or were never used in the first place.

This, of course, is unnecessarily bloating up published site and takes a lot of time and patience to remove unwanted files after exporting.

BTW, I used to delete those unwanted files manually. You can imagine what kind of pain-in-the-neck that was. Now, I use the free utility EasyFind from Devon Technologies to locate and delete them all at once.


The left overs in the files folder that is on every page, I believe is a stacks (@isaiah) thing. Deleted items in the main Resources folder would be a Rapideeaver issue(@dan).

Although the symptoms look similar, I think these are two different issues with two different vendors.


@dan , @isaiah , Guys, could you, please, respond to pinging? After the weekend, maybe?

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RapidWeaver will remove the files/images from the project file when they are removed from the “Resources Manager”. I’m not sure why you have those orphaned resources… They could be from another page type.

RapidWeaver will upload all the files given to it by other plugins/stacks. It’s up to those plugins to remove the unused assets.

If you could find a way to simply replicate the issue we’d be able to look into some more. I tried to reproduce it here and couldn’t do it, all images got added and removed correctly.

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I have seen something like this with Stacks before. I believe I filed a report with @isaiah a while back. If you provide @dan and @isaiah with a project file exhibiting the problem I bet they can get to the bottom of it.

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I often have that problem with projects and I do not think that the problem is caused by some some stacks. To which address can I send a project file?

I had a similar issue, every single project had a couple images in there from a older project. For me, it was a template. Every project automatically inherited the images used in that template (which I have created accidently)

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