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I can see there are a few different Cookies consent stacks (for GDPR compliance) available and am interested in hearing what your stack of choice is and why to help me make my decision.

I’ve used Cookie Jar before which is fairly simple (and may be enough to suit my needs) but I also think Privacy Centre (which has just come out) looks impressive.

Any thoughts on this? I’d just be using this for my use of Google Analytics to track website visitors - as my site is info only there’s no need for functional cookies as far as I’m aware.

I looked into Matamo as an alternative and even though it protects privacy and there’s no need for a cookie notice it’s fairly steep at £29 a month.

You can host matamo yourself and have no need for a monthly payment. But it does use fingerprinting so you need a consent after all.


I use Cookie Jar. Works fine, is very easy and even gives you the opportunity to link to a page with a complete explanation of your Privacy Policy.

Why change if you already have this stack?


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MiniCookie, because it’s the original and the best at what it does. Unlike some, it’s not just a copycat clone or some free code repackaged and sold for quick profit. It’s evident from the free trial version and sample project download that a lot of research and development has gone into this stack and the developer support is outstanding. :slight_smile:

It would be very easy to add two MiniCookie stacks to each page of the website, as a partial. Configure the first to display your popup message, with relevant links and buttons for users to click if they want more information or if they give their consent. Then use a second MiniCookie stack configured to conditionally load your Google Analytics code, if consent has been given by the user. Only a few minutes to setup and completely compliant with all current and forthcoming privacy legislation. :+1:


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