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Attached you can find a picture how I would like to install my cookies on my website.

  • I would like to make it over the whole screen where is a button which will show accept and a hyperlink to read the privacy.
    The cookie stack should be over the whole screen and will block the website. Until pressing the button then you will get whole access for the website.

Please help me with that.

There are a couple of cookie related stacks that should help.

Recently released Privacy Centre, which does cover the whole screen

Also not full screen but very comprehensive Mini Cookie stack

Thanks a lot @pmjd.

The privacy centra looks really good but can the design of the field there be changed to different colours and more modern design?

Thanks a lot!

Hält das der DSGVO stand?

Meiner Ansicht nach darf die Verweigerung von Cookies/Tracking nicht zu einer Benachteiligung führen. Also mit Werbung weiterlesen ist Ok. Aber für das Tracking braucht es dann eine eigene Zustimmung. Wenn die Tracking-Cookies deaktiviert sind, muss die Webseite trotzdem zu nutzen sein.

Vielleicht vorher noch einmal mit dem RA abstimmen, bevor das live geht?


I don’t have it but imagine it can be, @kennerty should be able to answer that one.

I have MiniCookie and it has some styling options for the pop up and button

Hi @Lars746,

The Cookie Consent modal in Privacy Center won’t allow access to the website unless the visitor either accepts cookies, rejects cookies, or sets their preferences in Privacy Settings.

All the text, colors, fonts, and sizes can be changed to match your website and the popup modals are keyboard and screen-reader accessible.



Alright, thanks a lot for your detailed reply @kennerty.

One more question, what is if i am using Google Analytics and will this stack detect if the user select accept or reject the different cookies. And will the stack then start collecting this datas is accepted or stop doing it when it is rejected?

@Lars746 yes, of course.

You can add your analytics code to the analytics category so the user can enable or disable analytics in the Privacy Settings preferences. If disabled, you won’t receive analytics data.

Also, if you’re using Google Tag Manager to manage Google Analytics and/or Google Ads, Privacy Center is compatible with GTM Consent Mode.


Great, @kennerty.

But how can i change the description of the Show Cookies button, where the different cookies are shown, how can that be changed?

Change the Show Cookies text by double clicking on the text. There is no description, only the cookies tables.

For the individual cookies, the descriptions are set when you add individual cookies.

How can i change the name of the cookies and the description? @kennerty

@Lars746 the cookie table in edit mode is not editable. It is there to help you with styling.

See the tutorial in the section about cookies to find out how to add your cookies and descriptions.

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