Cookies- wich stacks and plugins are using them?


to set up the data protection information part of my website I need to see which themes/stacks/plugins are setting cookies. Is there a way to do so?

Thank you

Jan Fuellemann

Hi Jan,
from your question, I take that you are German… (-;

I solve the issue with those 3 things:

  1. Use SSL (https) on your website. that puts you on safe ground for forms (as long as you don’t store the data. Then, you need to encrypt the data in the database). Side effect: Google loves you better!
  2. Put a good impressum and privacy statement on your website according to (free of charge) and follow the rules to stay free of legal action (Abmahnung)
  3. Apply Cookie Jar from @joeworkman to comply to BDSG and EU Data Protection

Save your time to drill into any stack who might or might not store settings for the convenience of the user. I’ve not come across tracking cookies from any stack, yet. Exception is when you use Disqus (Armadillog uses Disqus for blogging and commenting) as this is a bit wild with tracking (you can change settings in Disqus, though)

Check here:

Disclaimer and Datenschutz must be accessible on first level all the time. I’ve made it part of menubar AND sitemap in the footer.


Hallo Jürgen,

vielen Dank, bis auf https habe ich das entsprechend umgesetzt. Ich wollte aber mal eine Methode haben, um generell bei einzelnen Seiten zu sehen, welche Cookies diese nutzen/setzen. Allgemein habe ich das ja z.B. in Safari, aber eben nicht für einzelne Seiten.

Viele Grüße