CSV file / RW 7.1.7

On my web site I have a page called Members Register. The register is created with FlexTable and a CSV file containing each member’s details. This has worked perfectly until I needed to change the phone number to one member (out of some 35 members). I edited the csv file. On checking the web site to see the change, my 35 rows had disappeared but the two top ones. I have checked very thoroughly thru Inspector to see if I could fine some problems there. I have made a new Members Register csv file under a new name, published, republished. Now I can’t figure out what else to do hence this cry for help. Hope some of you may have some good ideas!

Did you ever find a solution for this? I was just about to purchase this stack and was wondering if anyone here used it.

I would suggest gridiron from chillidog @barchard. It works great and is easy to use.


I like Chilldog. I tried another stack from him and he spent quote some time helping me integrate it into my website even though in the end it didn’t fit in with what I was doing. But I trust him. He’ll definitely get more business from me in the future. I’d like to try his hosting, too.

However, I had to make a decision quick so I just bought FlexTable. I really like it so far.

This site isn’t finished yet and the table needs work so things might look wonky, but here it is just in case you wanted to see it: http://www.markpicchiotti.com/test/

You have to hit the A/B switch over to Discography to get to the table.

Thanks for your quick response Scott!

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Yes, I solved the problem (or it solved itself). I cannot tell you how, but it suddenly worked as it should. The only problem now is that I have problems with the three Scandinavian letters. I’m still working on that.

I use flextable, the only time it ‘lost’ the data as described here I had an extra comma on a line in the file.
I have never had a problem when the csv file is correctly formatted.

The developer of flextable is very helpful and responsive if you contact him.