RapidWeaver, Php & Database Developer Needed

Hi there

We have been using RapidWeaver for sometime now and want to step up the functionality of our website with a members section. However this goes beyond our current skill level and need some assistance on a project basis to help build and potentially manage the implementation longer term.

If you are a skilled RapidWeaver and website developer proficient in php and databases please let me know and I can send through more information of what we are thinking.

Hi Richard

Happy to see if I can help or recommend someone for you. Please send me an email or direct message. My email is support@



I can highly recommend @barchard . Consulted him recently for the adaption / improvement of a script and he solved that fast, with profound explanation and at a good price. Thanks again, Greg!


If you just want a section (or pages) for members only I can recommend you use SiteLok to lock those pages.
SiteLok is very easy to setup and uses php & mysql databases on your host.
If as you say you are good with RW then SiteLok shouldn’t be an issue for you.

I use it and I have setup my members section in a sub-domain and SiteLok works perfectly.
I also have a second sub-domain that is an admin console and all access is controlled by SiteLok.

Hi Greg

Have dropped you and email via your Chillidog contact page.

Cheers, Richard

Hi Lance

Thank you for the suggestion, much appreciated. We’ve had a look at SiteLok and it might well be part of a broader solution. Our requirements are not just managing access to a member section, it also goes in to member data management with some third party integration to consider, like MailChimp and Zendesk. I probably should have mentioned this in the original post.

If you have any additional thoughts would be keen to hear them.

Cheers, Richard

Hi Richard,

I guess if you are going to contract out the work the developer may have their own ideas about a membership system.
I use the member id from the SiteLok table and link it to other tables that contain relevant data about that member. There are a number of customisable fields in SiteLok but I prefer to use a relational link to my own tables. One of which has around 10,000 records.

Anyhow, I’m guessing you are looking for some complexity with your site so getting external help is probably your best shot. Everything I have heard re Chilling has been positive so I think he would be a great help.