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I have an online game site that uses Sitelok to password-protect my pages. My games are single-use, and so passwords expire. I have seen that other similar sites will send customers a link to the game, and that link expires after a period of time. Is that something that I can do in the RW universe? I love Sitelok and am happy with my page protection, but am looking at working with a reseller, and expiring links would make that process a LOT easier. But I know so little about that, that I can’t even do a google search for it, because I don’t know what keywords to search. Any direction would be appreciated.

@AndersonUX Are you sure Sitelok won’t do this? I use Sitelok all the time but I’ve never had the need for the feature you want … so I’m unsure if you can do this in Sitelok. But definitely worth talking with @vibralogix (i.e. Adrian) first. He’s very responsive. If he doesn’t offer this via Sitelok or one of the many plugins, then he may be able to custom code you a solution. At any rate, step 1 is to communicate with Adrian (if you have not already done so).

Thanks Mathew, for the reply. Yeah, if any of Adrian’s products can do this, that would be the way to go, for sure. He’s been super responsive, and even added a feature to his register code plugin allowing me to email unique codes to users, after I suggested it as a feature. All his products manage download links, and if there is no difference between a download link and a page link, then I’m probably good to go. I’ve just now been re-reading his manuals since my original post to see if I can figure it out myself before contacting him. I’ll post the outcome when I work it through!

Sitelok has an option to create expiring download links but it’s not really designed to work with URL’s as such. However if the page is on your site then, perhaps, you could secure it with Sitelok and send out an expiring auto-login link to the page instead of providing a username and password.

Anyway email me with any details and I can have a think how it might work.


As info only… I use SiteLok to provide masked links to files stored on Amazon S3. I’ve been getting more and more customers complain that with Google Chrome the links don’t work. Every time I ask the customer to use a different browser they report back that everything works OK. So it’s likely the latest Chrome Security Settings or something similar

And may I say: SiteLok works great. Never had an issue with it in years. Great Support.

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Not aware of any issues with S3 and Chrome. I use Chrome normally myself anyway. Are these downloads or streaming?

You can find more about the auto login link mentioned on page 51 of the manual. Contact me via our site support if you have any questions anyway.

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