Secure web page for white paper documents

I am trying to develop a library on my website whereas a visitor can come and request the white paper by presenting a legitimate business email address and then a password is generated and sent to the user to collect the document while leaving a trail of evidence for us to see who asked for the white paper, their IP address, business domain and document retrieved.
I need help with this subject matter please.

Have a look at sitelok

Thanks I did. It is for membership based protection. Not what I am trying to achieve.

It does much more than memberships.

I know of nothing else that will “generate a password” to a secure download page.

That being said, if you really don’t “need” a password generated, you can hide and secure download links and even set them to expire with the linklokurl from the same vendor:

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Scott, I love your conviction. I will re look at it. Thanks kindly.

SiteLok is definitely the best.

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