Customize links in built in menu - add parameters / query string

I need to pass parameters through a top level menu button (using the built in menu)

Example URL?parameter=[@field]

I you were using my Foundation theme and stacks, most of the menu stacks that ship with it have a custom HTML feature that would allow you to customize the link that each menu item goes to.

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Thanks Joe, believe me, I’d rather be using your Foundation stacks (I usually do), but this is for a custom internal site for a customer w/ out-dated browsers (like OLD IE)

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Eek. Good Luck with that…

What exactly can’t you do? I, using megamenu, make the URL into: blahblah.php?keyword=whatever
I then use Bryn Owens PostSwitch stack to pick up that variable to display whatever content I need (or in my case pick up stuff from a database of products)