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I have not worked that much with Rapid Weaver for some time, and now I need to edit some links in the Top Bar at one of my sites. But I can’t remember how to edit/add/remove links in the Top Bar.
If somebody can guide me in the right direction it would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Need a bit more information here Peter. A link to your site is the best place to start.


Hi Rob,

Thanks for replying.
The actual page is this (among others)

But my challenge is not so much on the page it self, more how I edit the links in the top menu bar :slight_smile:

Sorry - Wrong link.
Here is the right one.

Even better this link - which is my dev site :slight_smile:

If you are using topbar set to rapid Weaver menu (not html) the menu names are the page names you use (left side) in RW.

The drop down/child menus come from nesting the pages in your structure
(again,left pane in RW)

You can hide a page from the menu by setting it in RW (up tick show in nav) in the page inspector in RW.

Is that what you are after?

Okay, now that being said, topbar also has options to show only top level, show child level, custom html menu and those settings may come into play depending on how you built it.

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Thanks Scott,

Tha was exactly what I was after. Thanks a lot for your help.

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