Decreasing the size of the Title area in the CEFALUS theme

Hello, Using the CEFALUS theme, is there a way of either decreasing the Title area or suppressing it entirely?

Thank you.

You could try this manual CSS (put it in Inspector -> HTML Code -> CSS):

#title {display: none;}
#content-wrapper {padding-top: 100px;}

Adjust the padding-top to your liking… :slight_smile:

Thank you but that doesn’t seem to work. No matter what number I use for the padding-top, nothing seems to change. The gap between the top of the content area and the top of the page remains the same.

Just to be clear, my intent is to have the content as close to the top of the page as possible. For this particular page, I do not use a title.

Strange, on the client site I’m currently working on this definitely works:
I’ve not hidden the title, but modified it a bit and reduced the top-padding of the content with the code I gave you.
Maybe you’ll have to add an !important behind the codes, so that they work for you:

title {display: none !important;}
content-wrapper {padding-top: 100px !important;}

Otherwise I’ve no idea…

I tried that and “no go”. There’s other HTML there so I’ll try different combinations. Thank you for your time! BTW, that’s a nice web site.

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Have you spoken to Henk, the developer? I’ve found him extremely helpful and he’s even incorporated changes into the Cefalus theme based on feedback.

Not yet. But that is definitely my next step. Thank you.

Almost right. It’s:

#title {display: none;} #content-wrapper {padding-top: 100px;}