Adjusting the Padding of the slogan area in CSS

Hi community!

Ive been using RapidWeaver for awhile now, but i haven’t ventured outside of the standard theme customisation as of yet. As I’m trying to work on a new site, I’m looking to make further customisations outside of the style selections.

I am trying to move my slogan further up, but am having issues with CSS as I’m very new to it. Using the Inspect Element, I am able to make the changes to get what I want, but am not sure what CSS i need to use in order to make the change I need. These are two images that show what I need done, but can’t seem to figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated and it might help answer some other issues I am having. Im sure its a fairly easy solution, but its driving me nuts!

Thank you!


#bttmHeader {
padding-top: 6px;
padding-bottom: 10px;}

Might do it, but I’d prefer a link to work from.

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Thanks for your response.

That was one of the first lines I tried, but it didn’t work and I can’t wrap my head around why it didn’t. Unfortunately the site isn’t live just yet so I don’t have a link.

It’s very difficult to provide help with things like CSS without a URL to at least a test page.
The screen shots are not easy to read, and without out a live website to “dink” around with and actually test changes with, it’s an educated guess at best.


No problems, thanks for your help. If I don’t solve it, I’ll return when the site is live.


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