Depth Theme examples

(Claus Verner Nielsen) #1


I am new here and would love to see website examples where the theme Depth is used. Is that allowed here? And if, would you share your Depth site?

(Matthias Ficht) #2

My first try with the Depth theme for a client last year:

(David Freels) #3

Beautiful work.

On the ‘UNSERE WEINE’ page at, how did you build the shadow/light effect on the arrows from one item to another?

What did you use to build out the Shop page at

(Matthias Ficht) #4

@davidfreels Thanks. :slight_smile: For the shop I used “ecwid” ( There’s also a free plugin to implement this shop into a RapidWeaver site; but I decided to simply add a code snippet provided by ecwid to make the shop appear at any position I like. For the nav arrows I added the sprite attached to this post as the “Nav Sprite” for Joe Workmans “Cylcer” stack.

(system) #5

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