Depth theme future support?

I realize that Nick Cates, the developer of the Depth theme, has disappeared without a trace, and that Joe Workman has taken over his stacks but not the Depth theme. I’m pretty distraught about this–I have a site of which I am very fond done in Depth, and I don’t relish the thought of seeing it slowly break as new browser versions come out, as well as new revisions to Rapid Weaver itself. Joe Workman, is there any way that you might consider doing basic updating of the theme, possibly if those of us using it pay some sort of subscription fee to you? It would be worth it to me to keep my site going, and I imagine some others might feel that way too. Thanks for any thoughts or help! The site in question, in case people are interested, is located at

@joeworkman – let’s make sure he will notice this thread…

If I may add something from myself, I recommend remaking the site with a current theme from an active developer. Perhaps Joe’s Foundation 6? Or another framework?

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I know, of course, that one option is to redesign the site from scratch. I’d rather not do that unless it’s absolutely necessary. Thanks for the tag!

Depth is more than a traditional theme, it’s more like a framework, more similar to Foundation or Foundry.

I think that’s why it’s not going to get continued support, as Joe already has a competitive product with Foundation 6.

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Well, I think Depth is much more like a theme than it is like a framework, but I see your point. I wish he would sell it to someone who wants to maintain it, but I guess that would also interfere with the Foundation 6 market. I’d just love it if some minimal level of support could be figured out, and I’d certainly be willing to pay for that.

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