Depth or Foundation advise please

Can someone please advise, I’ve been away from RW for a while now and looking to get back into things. I have foundation but I’ve been made aware of Depth by Nick Cates, is Depth more a less the same thing as what I’ve already got in Foundation or is a lot easier to mange and build a site with? I have looked at the video’s regarding Depth but as I’ve been away for this whole thing for so long I’m wondering if Depth streamlines the whole process of site building?

Thanks, Adam

I don’t have depth but have looked at the some of the videos, and it looks pretty cool. My understanding is you can use the depth theme, other themes or frameworks like foundations or foundry.
Again I’m not an owner.

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I have bought it and I use Foundry. Depth using the theme „Depth“ is great. But using Foundry the depth content / stack is very slow and I am quicker using the built-in Foundry tools. So my advice: great for users not using Foundry or Foundation.


Great question!

I’m Nick, creator of Depth, and do want to point out some very big differences.

I’ve always been passionate about getting visual details right in webdesign, and have made fair amount of high priced client sites. For my own work, I came to loath using frameworks, and I have tried most them all, including Twitter’s Bootstrap, which is what Foundry is built on. IMO, frameworks are just that, a framework, but don’t yeild a finished custom feeling product without A LOT of work tweaking and adjusting said framework. I’ll pause, and clearly say I have little experience with Foundry itself, but I know it envolves mixing many stacks together and tweaking a lot of settings.

So how is Depth different? Prior to making Depth, I never used Stacks and RapidWeaver to make custom sites, I custom coded everything, it felt faster and unrestricted design wise, but then again - I’ve been doing webdesign aggressively for 10+ years. Long story short, I made a stack (Depth) that focused on making polished/finished looking site sections, that would have near every setting I would use for the design within that site section. I never set out to make a framework, but rather something that could make fantastic, complete, custom feel client sites - in a fraction of time.

Depth (for the most part) envolves you working with 1 type of stack, VS. Foundation and Foundry you working with many types of stacks.

Depth comes with over 750+ premade site sections I’ve made, that you can copy and paste in your project, swap the content and backgrounds and be done, and it will look and feel great on desktop and mobile. I’m not aware of anything close to that for RapidWeaver. Since making Depth, I currently am making 2 different client sites exclusively with Depth, and so far the clients are very very happy. I will certainly share these clients sites when they are done. Let me know if you have any questions.


Yes, please. I love the work you show and it has always been a great inspiration!

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I do agree with Jan, that Depth is best used with Depth alone, by that I mean using Depth theme and the Depth stack. It was designed to be use alone like that. Depth can be used in Foundry or Foundation, but it is quite taxing in the Stack processing (a slow site building experience).

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Thanks Nick!

@nickcates Hey Nick, I’ve always loved your themes for their just amazing design. I own so many of them. I looked at Depth before and didn’t quite get it. How do menu’s work with it? It’s the one thing I couldn’t quite figure out from your videos.

Thanks for asking. So there’s the Depth theme, and then the stack.

The Depth stack can be used with any theme, but it cannot create something like tradition theme navigation (for example). For a complete website feel, with a logo, site title, navigation, etc, you’d use the Depth theme.

So the Depth theme handles the global (on every page) site elements, while the Depth stack fills in all the rest of your site content.

So, brief follow up, and my apologies if I’ve missed it, I was flipping through all your videos at night, but how much customization is there of the navigation?

IMO, a lot. Here’s a screenshot of the different positioning you can do with the site title, logo, and navigation.


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@nickcates Got a screen shot showing off how the Site Title (Logo) Nav Centre looks? This could solve a design problem a client seems to be throwing my way. :slight_smile:

The Depth demo site has the nav centered. I have Depth and can confirm that it’s how it looks.

The button is an add-on using some code that’s available in the Depth tutorials.

@NeilUK - Ah so it’s just the nav centered, not the logo. Thanks!

I’ve just tested it. You can have the logo and nav both centred. Screenshot below.

@NeilUK Thanks. That’s very helpful, and not quite what I was imagining. Um… any chance I can get you to take a quick screen shot of the logo over the centred nav? :smiley: Pretty please?

Yes, no problem. In the next 20-30 mins.

Here it is.


Much obliged. Just consulting with my client. Hopefully this will lead to a purchase. :slight_smile: