Dev Dairy Ep23 - Back to Basics

Hey Weavers,

We’re back with another video (yes, already), this is in response to a few comments about Elements looking too complex after yesterday’s Custom Components video.

Hopefully you’ll see that building a website with Elements can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. If we get the UI and the feature set just right, it’ll allow a nice progression of growth for all users.

Your feedback is really invaluable, do us know what you think of today’s video in the comments below.

Dan & Team Realmac


Only one feedback : it’s always the same one who has fun with his toy. It gets annoying at the end. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha, sorry. You’ll be able to get a copy soon…



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Superb! Love the ease of building and editing.

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Thanks, Dan. Simplicity is key, but I do understand you wish to show what’s possible under the hood. :+1:t3:

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Thanks Dan! I like the idea of being able to custom code my own stacks…as demonstrated in episode 22. To build a simple card like you did…using ai to assist in coding the Tailwind…and the final result was no different than using the built in RW tools to build a card WYSIWYG and turning it into a global…just the longer, more complicated road.
I love that the new RW Elements will allow us to do this sort of thing…but I think the average RW user wants to hammer out sites quickly. I play devil’s advocate in my comments so it’s never me putting anything down.
Would it be possible to show us how to build something a little more specialized that is not part of the native tools and that we’d need to custom build?
Thanks! Keep up the great work.

a video showing each step of building an standalone element/component would be great, a bit more than ‘hello world’, before the alpha is released

Thanks @dan. I’ll reserve any further comment until the alpha release. My concerns from yesterday still stand.

Understood :saluting_face:

Yes we’ll certainly be putting together some videos doing deeper dives on how to Develop Components for Elements!


Yes, we’ll see what we can do. I think @bon would be the best to do videos on that, I just need to twist his arm a little :wink:


Hi Dan

I think the bottom line here is that folks can have the best of both worlds with Elements, a simple to use WYSIWYG program if that is all you need but which gives you access to a powerhouse underneath if you need more.

That surely must be a win-win situation and I look forward (like everyone else) to putting it though it’s paces when you start rolling out the alpha.

One question though - I seem to recall way back when Elements was first being talked about that it was mentioned that it would also run on iPads (presumably M processor ones). Is this still the case or did I imagine this?


Al :sunglasses:

Hopefully, won’t be too much longer…

Theoretically we could make it run on the iPad, but that’s not on our roadmap. However, we think a better future would be to allow for online editing, that way you can use any — Keep in mind this is a longer term goal, but should give you an idea of the direction we’re heading in.

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Oh this is exciting! Bring it on! :heart:

Happy Gavin Free GIF by Rooster Teeth

Settle down, let’s actually get the product shipped first :laughing:

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I believe that changing the name to simply “Elements” would eliminate confusion and complaints. RapidWeaver is a completely different app, and a name change would make it easier to understand the distinction, allowing for a fresh start without the need to explain the differences between RapidWeaver and RapidWeaver Elements.


That’s good to hear :smiling_face:

Yeah meh… the only difference to explain isn’t difficult: Rapidweaver is the thing I play with, Elements is another guy’s thing that I can just watch play with :sob: So CTA Elements would be a better name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: