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It’s been a while since I used RapidWeaver, as most of my work is now in WordPress (apologies…). I need to develop a website which will be static pages with embedded H5P learning objects. The website needs to work from an SD card for use in resource-poor contexts where connectivity is bad. So all relative links, everything (H5P files, audio, images) will go on the SD card and run from an index file at root. IS RW a good way to go? Can you think of any pitfalls?

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Depends. RW without stacks writes nice and clean HTML, adding Stacks adds some overhead. This is related to how Stacks itself works and how good or bad the stacks are written. But to be honest: we’re not talking about Gigabytes and usually, you don’t need to care.

Is the site loaded from SD only or, as you mentioned also weak connections, online? How much space to you have for your site?

Does the embedded project support PHP? If not, make sure that interactive parts like

It’s more a question if the used theme and stacks are loading external content line JS or CSS from remote servers.

You’ll only know if you’re checking eg. with browser developer tools if such external resources are loaded.

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The SD cards can be fairly high-capacity, so I’m not worried about space, as such. There will be two sites in this project, one will be a Google site for those with connectivity (don’t ask - I’d rather not use Google Sites, but that is what I have), the other completely offline on the SD cards. The H5P learning objects can be re-used across the two delivery methods. No PHP for the SD cards - has to be straight HTML.

I’ll be doing the theme myself, and steering clear of external sources, hopefully - but thanks for the reminder Jannis.

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Totally doable! Should have an issue at all.

I’ve been away too long. First snag - what address to put in the Web Address config setting? because without that, I can’t add assets to the Resources section

Are you gonna have some kind of local web server running for accessing the content?

If not, I doubt you’re able to add a local file:// address there, I guess you have to use any http:// address.

As you’re developing the theme yourself, you’re able to adjust this address there directly.

You Should be able to use any valid address. would work.

As Jannis (@instacks) points out, themes often use the URL variable for linking the logo to the home page. Since you indicated that you’re building your own theme you’re probably aware of that.

Also, make sure you turn off tidy links in advanced settings as they require a web server to work.

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Good steer - thanks.

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