We're recoding today, we need your questions!

Yup, it’s that time of the week again. We’re recoding episode 12 of the RapidWeaver Show later today and we’d like your questions!

Got an RW problem, or a question for the team? ask away, anything goes…


There seems to be a fair number of posts recently regarding html / php file extensions, it could be worth discussing:
What they are
Differences between them
Merits of both
How to look for and delete the incorect one on your server.
How to set the project to be php by default (and why).

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I am creating a new version of my site using Foundation, RW 6.3.4 and Stacks 3 (Which is not published yet, nearly there)

My current site using the Veerle theme, RW 6.3.4 and Stacks 3 is 97Mb in size

My new project site using Foundation, RW 6.3.4 and Stacks 3 is 207Mb in size.

However, when I export a copy of the new project the export in 71Mb in size

When I created the new project, I copied from the old project and have added small amount of extra stacks to allow for the new responsive nature of using foundation.

Has my project sized doubled because it still contains a version of the Veerle theme pages and the new Foundation theme pages?


Thanks for the questions, Podcast has been recorded and will be out tomorrow!

Keep the questions coming for next weeks show :smile:

Any chance on getting one sneak peak at something new RapidWeaver 7 will have?!?

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Can we have an area on the community where first timers like myself could put a link to their site and get constructive criticism from the Realmac team. It would help in our ability to improve our skills.


Perhaps a detailed account of options for analytics - in the age of blockers. I had read that self-hosting GA’s code would get around the blockers - but I assure you it doesn’t help in the slightest against Content Blockers on the iPhone. In my tests, the desktop blockers (adblock, adblock plus, etc.) do not block self-hosted GA code. However, the content blockers on the phone do). In addition, popular self-hosted options such as Piwik are also blocked (http://piwik.org/faq/troubleshooting/#faq_58). Given all that - and the fact that ad blockers have become all the rage - do we have any options (e.g., changing GA’s js names and self-hosting doesn’t help (I tried that on this site) - perhaps because the data is still transferred to Google…but would changing the js names of Piwik’s files help?).

If you each were an animal what animals would you be?

Real or mythical

@Leonberger, I think that is a great idea and would certainly post my project there for feedback.

Hah, thanks for all the questions guys. Keep em’ coming!

Also, episode 12 is out now: http://rapidweavercommunity.com/podcasts/the-rapidweaver-show/12



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Thanks for the podcasts! They are extremely enjoyable. :slight_smile:

I miss your jingles at the end.

Not sure if has been asked yet:

  1. Is it advisable; and
  2. What is the process of adding SSL to a RW site? (New or current site)

I often wonder if the extra cost for the SSL is worth the effort. What use cases would warrant it (e commerce I guess but most checkouts have this already…?)

What else is affected? Emails servers? Databases?

Cheers for your ears.

Hi Guys,

Lovin’ the podcasts. Please keep 'em coming.

I have a question and a comment.

First, my comment: In this week’s podcast, there was a question asked if a Foundation themed partial could be used on a standard website page. You answered that it couldn’t be done. It sort of can be with Loghound’s PlusKit plugin @import feature.

If you were to create a Stacks page with nothing on it but the partial, you could @import that page into (some) standard Rapidweaver pages. Alternatively, you could do it the other way around and import standard Rapidweaver pages into a Foundation theme or any other stack page. I use this method often for my sitemap pages.

Next, my question: Sometimes when I’ve reached out to Rapidweaver theme or stacks developers for support on one of their products and the issue is difficult to troubleshoot over email, they have asked me to send them my project file and all stack files used in the project. The project file is no problem to send because it’s mine, but those stack files are licensed for my use only by the various developers that I’ve purchased them from. I want to respect those licenses by not freely sharing those files. How does the community of Rapidweaver plugin and stacks developers feel about their stacks being shared with other developers for this purpose of support/troubleshooting by other developers in the community?

To borrow from @bitbumpy, “Cheers for your ears!”


Any chance that future podcasts could include a note to highlight the specific time that each topic begins?


A question for the next show (lucky episode 13).

Could you talk through the best practices for upgrading/updating for those of us still using RW5 on an older OSX. Because RW6 is not supported on OSX 10.8.5 am I safe upgrading the whole OS first and then updating RW afterwards? Or should I first do a backup of particular RW-related system files, then upgrade the OS, then a clean install of RW, then copy over the backed up files etc? So many questions, sorry.

I’m also a fan of the expression used by @bitbumpy “Cheers for your ears”

@ashleykaryl maybe, we’ll see.

Keep the questions coming. We’ll be recoding episode 14 on Wednesday 4th November!

Cheers for your ears!