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Strange stack image filenames replaced my own image names?

Your question is pretty terse and I can think of a dozen possible meanings but I’m going to guess that you are wondering about some Stacks images having cryptic names in Stacks 3??? I’m going to answer that queestion – if that was not the correct thing, just give me a bit more info about the issue you’re tryign to solve and I’ll give you a different answer. :slight_smile:

The answer depends a bit on which version of RapidWeaver and Stacks you’re using:

RapidWeaver 7 and/or Stacks 3

If you’re using Stacks 3 or RapidWeaver 7 then you’re still using the “Image” stack for your images. The first and easiest solution is simply to upgrade to the latest RapidWeaver and Stacks. The default image stack will become the Site Image. This image stack adds new images to your projects Resources and will not rename them at all.
But if you’d like to stay with the older versions, then double click on the image in the layout area. The Image editing panel will open and allow you to set the name of your images, their alt-tag, etc.

RapidWeaver 8 and Stacks 4
If you have RapidWeaver 8 and Stacks for make sure to use the default image type Site Image stack. This stack will add images to the project Resources and will not attempt to rename them. If you’d like to give adjust the file-names after that, then you can open the Resources window by clicking the Resources button in the toolbar. To rename them Ctrl-Click (or Right-Click) on the image resource.

Here’s a longer answer in case you’re curious…

What’s the deal with the Cryptic Names

Stacks gives images dragged in unique names. This ensures they will be published correctly with a minimum of effort and no skills or understanding of web file name requirements or having to worry about file name collisions with other pages (when using partials) or 3rd party stacks.

There is also a subtle user-interaction design principle at work here…

Setting the name of image files is slightly dangerous. In the hands of novice users they can easily specify names that collide, override other important page resources, and generally do bad things.

But for a small but important class of expert users naming files is essential.

So there are some really conflicting requirements. Stacks almost needs to behave differently for novices and experts…

  • Simply keeping the existing name would cause problems (naming collisions, web name requirements, etc)
  • Stacks can’t make setting the file name so easy that novice users do it often. That would encourage them to do something they don’t have the skills/understanding to accomplish.
  • Stacks can’t remove the setting entirely – expert users absolutely need to set the file name.

So here’s what I do to solve this conundrum:
The safe thing is easy: novice users can drag in any image file and Stacks will just take care of the details.
The dangerous thing is hard – but not too hard: renaming the file means finding the setting.

Stacks also does some basic filtering on the names you set. If you specify non-web-friendly name Stacks assumes you don’t know what you’re doing and just goes ahead and fixes them up for you.


Isalah thanks,

I understand that I have to use not dragging for good naming of images.

Do you have any idea Turkish Character settings?

What should I do to clean reinstall? (for linking problem)

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