RW8 + Foundation - Image Stack Renaming Problem

Hi there!

I’m having a little SEO optimization issue with the “Image”-Stack (not the original RW built-in, but the one from the Foundation Stacks by Joe Workman).

I’m not even sure if this is a problem within the stack itself or if it gets generated when the actual website is created by RW.

Problem is: ALL of my included images get renamed to “small_xy012randomnumbers.jpg”

I have all Images imported in the resources of RW8, renamed them with keywords related to the content shown, and renamed the image files before the import, and specified proper alt tags.

I still only get a website with all images named as “small_XY.jpg”

Is there any way around this? I for sure could change location, naming and HTML by hand, but I don’t want to keep doing this for every new export. The site will be subject to change a lot in the next weeks…

If anyone has a hint, I’d be most thankful!


Try this:

  1. Open the Stacks Info sidebar (the settings sidebar on the righthand side)
  2. Double click on the image to edit its properties.
  3. Set the image name.
  4. Set the alt tag too while you’re there.

@isaiah Thank you very much for your response!
I just tested your approach and it works fine with the built-in “Image”-Stack of Rapidweaver.
I will switch all images from the foundation Image-Plugin to the normal one.

So thank you very much, this helps a lot! :blush:

I just created a local publish of my website and the image i changed is now named properly.

HOWEVER, I found out that Rapidweaver creates an extra folder for each individual HTML-site additionally to the also completely exported resources folder (which doesn’t seem to get used)…

Im very confused right now…

Wouldn’t the moste efficient way to be linking one image in a central folder (like the “resources” one) to all the pages that use this image?

Why does every page get an extra folder with a (now at least properly named) duplicate?
And isnt this a waste of resources all together concerning the css an js files also? :thinking:

A screenshot to clarify:

Here are my resources. They are exported but completely unused in the project.

Here is the Image that i chose in the resource folder in RW, (and renamed now, thanks isaiah!) but in an individual folder as a copy, along with a copy of css etc.

Is this normal behavior/structure?

Normally in the page inspector, you would make the folder name descriptive and make the page name index. Web servers look for a file named index by default (index.html or index.php)

It appears from your screenshot that you are publishing all of the html files to the same directory.

Also, have a look at the RW preferences, there are options there to consolidate css etc.

I’ve noticed this too: that images are published redundantly. A two page site consisting of two Styled Text pages that share a single image from the Resources window will publish the image to:

  • the /files directory
  • the /styled/files directory
  • the /resources directory

Each of the Styled Text pages links to its own files directory, not to the common /resources directory. Obviously this is not optimum. Perhaps @simon, @dan or @tpbradley can comment on if this is bug or feature or what the intention is here.

I can comment about how Stacks deals with this: just barely. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The Resource window and its RW API additions: publishing to a common /resources folder – that’s all brand new to RapidWeaver 8 – so just a few weeks old. I wanted Stacks to work with this new awesome feature from day one – and I was able to add some basic support to Stacks 3 without disrupting the users still using RW7 – however the support is limited right now.

I am in the process of building more complete support for this in Stacks 4. I am hoping that it will work much more optimally in many cases. If there’s any specific features/wishes about how things are published/exported/named/etc in Stacks please feel free to let me know. I can’t promise I’ll add every feature, but I promise I’ll listen and try my best. :slight_smile:


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