Disabling a stack for mobile

So I am re-designing my web site using Foundation. Here is the URL where I am testing it: http://www.digitaldesign.ca/DD-test-site/

So if you look at this page on a desktop computer, you will see this cute little fly animation (after the page loads) and shortly after that, this really annoying fly buzzing noise. But on a mobile device (phone) I want to present different content without the animation or noise.

Hiding stacks is no problem. But I can’t hide this audio. No matter what I do, it still plays. I downloaded the “Rotten Apple” stack from Stacks4stacks hoping that would work but it doesn’t.

Is there any way to disable audio on tablets and phones only? Is there a stack that will do this? Some magical JS or HTML mojo?

  • Frederick

The Foundation stack set has a visibility stack, use that and set it to hide on mobile. That should work.

Nope, tried that and it doesn’t work either. It will hide the visibility of things, but not the audio.