HTML5 Audio 3.4 and HTML5 Video 4.6 stacks issues - Joe Workman

Hello everyone and Joe Workman,

HTML5 Audio stack 3.4 new update
HTML5 Video stack 4.6 new update

In Google Chrome - Firefox - Opera:
The “Play” and “Mute” buttons are not visible
(visible in Safari and Preview of RW8)

In all browsers and RW8 Preview: when you click on “Unmute” (visible or not) it is no longer possible to restore the sound.

Otherwise, thank you again Joe Workman for the “skin setttings” which work well.

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@joeworkman JW, I experienced the same issue with the HTML 5 Audio update. Been meaning to send in a support ticket, but now here it is again on the Forum. I’m also thankful for the update - much appreciated!

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Showing OK for my - HTML5 Audio on Brave (Chrome) and Firefox

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Per my new fav website…


Per my new fav website…

:+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hopefully later today.

@joeworkman Joe - I pm’ed you with a link to a test page for HTML5 Audio v.3.4. Thanks!

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@Ruyton Gary, just curious - was that v.3.4 of HTML5 Audio?

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Yes, the latest version. I wonder if you have added anything else to the page that is causing a clash.

Create a new blank page with just the HTML5 Audio stack and see if it works.

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For me, the problem of invisible buttons is exactly the same when creating a blank page, in a new project, with different themes, with different browsers (except Safari and the preview of RW8 as specified at the beginning of my topic).

I would also like to point out that the “Unmute” button problem is found in all browsers including Safari and the RW8 preview.

You didn’t mention the use of themes, I’m using Foundation 1 and Foundation 6 so maybe it’s something in those themes that’s causing the problem?

What themes are you using?

@Hubert, @thang,
As @joeworkman mentioned, how about a URL to at least a test page with the issue displayed. Something so simple instead of guessing and going back and forth between “what might be” causing the problem.

If there is a problem with the stacks Joe will fix it, but he needs to see it.

@teefers @Ruyton I have already pm’ed Joe a link to a test page made with the Reason theme with only the HTML5 stack on the page. So far it appears in any theme I’ve tested, including several Foundry sites. I will try it in Foundation 1 and see what happens.

[Edit:] I did a test with F1 and see the same issue both on my desktop running Sierra and on my MBP running Mojave. I’m using RW 8.7 and Stacks 4.1.4. F1 is updated to the latest version.

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Check for updates!

For anyone that cares… I learned about some open bugs in Firefox and Chrome. You cannot use relative paths to assets in CSS custom properties.


Thanks Joe - much appreciated!

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@joeworkman Joe, that update did indeed fix the visibility of the buttons, but if you mute the track, then it can not be unmuted. This also occurs in Safari.

Click on the volume bar after you mute to define where you want the volume to be.

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Hmmm… that does work. Thanks. Did the stack always work that way? Perhaps I just didn’t recall that that’s how it works.

I have to be honest. I am not sure…

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Thanks JW. I guess I never actually tried it before, or if I had just didn’t remember. As they say, memory is the second thing to go… :crazy_face:

to Ruyton Gary Wann,
I was in the process of answering you about the themes used, but I noticed that JW fixed the 2 stacks with 2 new updates.
Thanks Gary for your help

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