Does RW delete contents?

(Bill Fleming) #1

it my understanding that RW does not delete anything on web server correct?

If I start warehousing the images, fonts, or resources and go back to the pages to switch over to warehouse contents then I will need to go to the web server and delete all those contents that I am warehousing ?

(Greg Schneck) #2

In years of using RW I have found that it deletes nothing… You need to use ftp to actually delete old/bad/outdated pages and maintain your site. And make sure your know what a file is before you delete it. Other utilities/stacks/etc may add files (log files, key files, etc)

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Thank you for the head up.

Good thing I just started using RW a few month back so I haven’t replaced too many pages with RW yet :slight_smile:

(steve bee) #4

Your right, as if Greg.

If you create a page with five images added using drag and drop stacks, when you replace those five drag and drop image stacks with ones that use warehoused images the original images will remain on the server, in wherever it was that RW put them.

This will not impact your page though, in neither weight nor load times, as whilst these old images will still be on the server the web page won’t use them.

What you will need to be careful fo though is where you’re using an image stack that can handle both local and warehoused images. If you initially set it up to use a local image be sure to remove it before adding the warehouse URL, otherwise in some cases it can publish and load both!

(Bill Fleming) #5

Thank you for the head up, yes I did find those images in the /files/ folders and found many images duplicated too. I am glad I decided to switch to warehouse image. I am a web developer for a huge organization which many of the department here have it own websites that I maintain and redeveloping in RW… Since each department have it own website and contents so many of the images are similar like logo and images in header also in footer so it will be lot easier for me to use one warehoused image on all those different departments website and it would be a heck lot easier to just replace that one image to update all the department website when they change their themes yearly.

(Greg Schneck) #6

An easy way to find old/unused images and such is to upload your entire site and then browse through your site (server) files with ftp to look for files with old timestamps. But I’m guessing that you may already know this.

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