Publishing new version of my site: how do I delete old pages?

I am drastically revising my website, which I build and publish with RapidWeaver. All new pages. So, I want to be sure, before I send the new pages up, that I delete all the old pages. I am thinking that all I have to do is, after backing up, delete all the pages from the current version of my site in RapidWeaver, then publish. That should delete all the pages on the server. Then, I just publish the new site using the same FTP info as the last version.

Is that all there is to it, or not?

RW does not delete files/folders it only sends up what it has. If you are doing a complete redesign and want to ensure that all old files/folders are removed then the best way is to access your site through your server-host and manually delete all the page folders that are already there. Make sure that you don’t lose any important resources or warehoused images that you want to retain in those folders.

Then publish your new site.

Thanks very much. That’s what I needed to know.

Just in case someone else has a similar question: I just talked to GoDaddy support about file deletion, just to make sure I did not delete anything that should stay. I was told that there are 3 folders at the top of my file list that cannot be deleted, so those will stay. Also, there is one more file in the list, named “php.ini” that I could delete but should not; I should leave that alone. Otherwise, simply delete all the other files and then publish the redesigned website from RW, using the same publishing info.