Drop down menu text clash on mobile with Mountains

If anyone has a few minutes to have a look at www.pilotmedical.co.uk to give a little advice.

The dropdown menu (Introducing, booking, where and when, fees etc etc) displays OK when site is viewed on a desktop (its along the top of the page) but when viewed on a mobile, the navigation menu opens down the page and displays over the top of the Banner text (UK CAA and EASA AME etc) and it barely readable.

Whats the best solution for that?

I was thinking if I could change the satuation or background colour of the dropdown menu that might make it more readable? Could anyone give a simple guide as to how to change the dropdown menu background?

Or it that simply a feature of this theme and for a novice user like me, is the best solution to change theme that displays the mobile navigation menu differently ?

thanks for any tips


Hi Justin,

Might have a look at this post.

There’s some code there that might be a good starting point. See if that gets you closer to what you want.

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