Artful navigation menu issues

Am inexperienced at Rapidweaver and am working on a new site using RW8, which is not published yet. It is a simple site that uses the Artful theme and includes markdown, styled text, blog, contact and some photo album pages. I do not use stacks or anything else.

As I was building the site the preview showed drop down menus using page names at the top, as I expected. I want to keep this look. At some point, after adding some text on a styled page and changing server folder names for some of the pages, the navigation switched to a Menu Bar. I did not knowingly do anything to cause this, why would this happen?

Is it the case that once the top level reaches some max width, then the drop down menu is replaced by a Menu Bar?

Clicking on the Menu Bar produces an ugly menu down the left-hand side of the page. I would like to keep the drop down menu using page names across the top. There are 6 top level choices across the top.


Welcome to the forum and RapidWeaver,

I believe what you’re describing is the responsive menu. Screen sizes vary, so there’s often not enough space across the width of the screen, to allow you to display a complete top menu.
Since a substantial portion of web browsing is done on mobile, most modern themes will switch to a mobile menu if the screen size reaches A certain width.

You can try some other themes, or you might be able to ”override” this behavior with some custom CSS if the option isn’t available in the theme settings.

It’s always best practice to provide a URL to at least a test page if you want help with customizing.

Thanks very much. I think I may have temporarily resolved the issue by widening the screen using manual adjustment. I don’t know why it had been narrowed. I will publish this and see how well it works.

You should keep in mind that many of the people visiting the site will more than likely be using a narrow screen.

So you need to test your pages at different widths.

Yes, thanks. I realize that and might have to live with it until I can re-design, if I choose to.

The other thing to consider is whether you can group menu items under a top level menu to create a drop down menu, so instead of having

Consultancy Services
Maintenance Services
Support Services
as individual menu items, you could have

  • Consultancy
  • Maintenance
  • Support
    as drop downs.


Thnx very much. We’ll consider a possible menu re-design in the future but might go ahead as is for the moment.

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