Dropdown list with more than 20 entries?

I am using a Dropdown that incorporates a Linked List - each entry in the list is a link to a different page (think 2018.html, 2017.html etc). The Link List property seems to have a limit of 20 entries.

Is there a stack that will let me create a list of page links that doesn’t have the 20 entry limit?

I use Lister from Will Woodgate. You can build any kind of list with it and it has icons built in too.

There’s also the Options stack, which looks like it’s more what you’re looking for with a dropdown. I’m not sure if there’s a limit, but the stack is free so you could test it.

You might have an issue if you add more than 20 items to a dropdown because on a mobile device they might not all be visible.


I just tried the Lister stack - it looks nice, but I can’t seem to link it to the Foundations theme action of Button Plus - which is what I place in a header menu bar to provide the drop-down list. Specifically, the actions available don’t include Lister, so I can’t see how to activate it from Button Plus.

The mobile devices may have trouble, but I have more than 20 years I need to place in the list, so not sure if there is a way around that?

Also tried options - same problem, limit of 20 items and can’t link it to an action from Button Plus, so hovering over the Button Plus item won’t bring up the Lister or Options action…

So how does one give a user the option to select a page based on a range of years, from say 2018 back to 1990? I would have thought that a drop-down linked list would be the simplest?


It would be easier to help if we could see the site in question.

Maybe just have an “archive” page and list all the year pages on that page?

www.swoose.net…the top bar link of “photos” is the one in question

There are a few issues with the mobile view on that site. The button in the menu is causing issues. The column on the left isn’t very good on a mobile either.

Also, I would take out the site title and slogan on mobile devices. Or take out the logo and keep the site title on a mobile.

Why don’t you make a “Photos” page and use a block grid to show one photo of each year with a link to that year’s page? The menu with more than 20 years worth of links will definitely give you issues on smaller screens.

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Around 90% of people who access the site do it via desktop, so I am not overly concerned about how it looks on mobile devices.

I previously had a single page containing all the years, but I was trying to “streamline” the process by removing the intermediate page. Looks like it will work, providing I don’t want to go back more that 20 years…

@NeilUK has already provided some great ideas. In short it seems in a case like yours that you are trying to do too much with one link (Photos) in the menu navigation. Heck, it doesn’t really work great on a computer, let alone a phone.

Consider making that Photos link go to Photos.php (or html) and then on that page giving the full range of additional options (per Neil’s suggestion). If you do that then you open yourself to a lot of different styling options. You could create a very nice list (Lister again) in one or multiple rows. You could consider a grid (like Neil suggested). Each grid can be very simple: just text with a link. (I admit Neil’s suggestion of including an image would be even nicer, but a simpler grid might be a good intermediate step.) And there may be other options.

Then it becomes super easy for someone on mobile or computer to click on Photos, take a leisurely look at all the options, and select a subcategory (year) from the photos page. Quick, easy to use. What’s not to like?


I appreciate all your suggestions…if you clicked on any single year, you will see that it leads to a static page for that year. On a non-RW version of the site, I just had the individual years as static links on the home page, which is similar in operation to what you are suggesting; not as visually pleasing, but a simple on-click way to get to a page for a whole year’s photos.

Seems the drop-down box idea isn’t workable, so I may just go back to a small grid on the home page with static links…

Dont know if the Poster stack would be an option? Like having a Photo based blog which is essentially what it is?
Just an inspired idea that would open it up in a presentable and stylish way.:: http://posterdemo.instacks.com

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Thanks for the recommendation…its not a photography blog, no comments are made, some “pages” may have 3000 photos, it is an index so people can look at images, download OK resolution copies to keep or send me the filename of the ones the want as digital negatives.

So, the pages are just static html indexing the original photos.

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