Stack (?) for drop down list of years

(Milton Baar) #1

Hi All

Looking for a stack, or something that will provide me a scrollable drop down list populated with years (say 2018 to 1900) so people can select a year and then have a page activated depending on the year. Clearly, the list must contain more than 20 items :slight_smile:

(Michael Doepke) #2

Up to 60 Items fits into S4S SelectNav:

(Will Woodgate) #3

@MiDoe Actually to correct you, SelectNav is scrollable on desktop browsers if the select menu exceeds the height of the screen. Android will present the select menu as a box of radio buttons that can be scrolled vertically. And iOS will display the select menu with the ‘fruit machine’ style GUI.

(Michael Doepke) #4

@willwood That’s even cooler. I corrected my reply above accordingly.

(Milton Baar) #5

Have installed selectnav and it does exactly what I want.

An additional question, if I may…the behaviour of the stack is that when an item is selected, the user is directed to the linked page. When pressing “back” and returning to the page with the stack, the selected item is still displayed rather than the item that is the default.

Any thought about how to always make it display the default?

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