DuckDuckGo searches not working for me

Hi, I took advantage of Joe’s offer this week and bought this stack. However, it doesn’t seem to work, at least I don’t know what I have done wrong.

I have a list of URL’s to search comma-separated (space after the comma). The full URL (https://www…com etc.). I have tried No Region and United Kingdom (where most sites are) and the search always results in no results found.

What am I missing? I can use the DuckDuckGo site and search and some of the sites I have listed come up.

Not sure, but I just did a quick test and It doesn’t seem to work with multiple URL’s no matter how I enter them.

For example DuckDuckGo returns:
No results found for stack,
But if I change it to a single URL (either one) it works.

Thanks. Correct, if I just use one URL it works, so why does it advertise multiple URL’s?

Seems like it’s a bug in DuckDuckGo.

If you look at the syntax cheat sheet from Duck:

Under site search:

To use site-search for multiple domains, just separate them with commas.

If I copy and paste their example duckduckgo, into the duck search bar you get the same message:
No results found for duckduckgo,

but I can search for

And both separately return results.

Thanks, I see what you are saying. Let’s hope they sort it out? It would be really useful.

I did fill out a bug on this with DuckDuckGo. I think the more people that file a bug the better chance it will get fixed:

Many thanks, I will do a report.

I just did an experiment:

Using the DuckDuckGo main webpage I searched:
and the first result up was indeed from the energyinyogawebsite.

Then I searched:
and the first result up was from energyinyoga and the second from buqiinstitute

So the DuckDuckGo site specific search is working, it is the stack that is not.

Any thoughts @joeworkman

That’s not a site-specific search.

That shows search results for what you typed in the search bar. It’s not searching the site but the entire internet.

It I try:
I get:

That’s a bunch of stuff on Clinc and one of your websites.

If I try:
wuxi site:

I get nothing but the stuff on about wuxi.

OK, thanks, I guess I be mis understanding.

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