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I have noticed that whilst a site may perform well on Google it doesn’t follow that it will do much at all on Duck Duck Go. Anyone shed some light on this? Is there some DDG black art required?

Are you talking about local type search or more global searches?

Duck doesn’t use location services(privacy), so implicit search locations aren’t as accurate.

Are you doing okay on Bing and Yahoo?

My understanding is that Duck pulls from Bing and Yahoo. The defiantly get their ad revenue from them.

Did you submit your sitemap to Bing? Did you go through Bing Webmaster Tools, and Bings SEO analyzer?

Bing, a number of years back, contracted with Yahoo to rework its search engine backend. So the algorithm for the two and search results are much closer than to Google.

Duck and Yahoo don’t really have any webmaster tools or site submission that I’ve ever found. But I have found that the search results for the three tend to be pretty close to each other.

Google tries to understanding searcher intent more, which is more ambiguous and relies on machine learning to understand a page’s content.

The other three (Bing, Duck, and Yahoo) tend to be more direct matches. My experience is if you do good on one of these three you do okay on all of them, and since Bing is the only one with good tools I would concentrate on them.

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Local UK searches. I also read that because of their privacy policies they are not so hot on detecting localities but that this had been overcome to some extent.

Bing and Yahoo have generally been better - although not as good as Google - and this is why I was surprised, not simply to find a difference, but to see DDG results almost off the radar. The site that led me to look into this has been site-mapped on Bing for 2 years but seems almost impossible to find on DDG without direct name searching.

Duck has gotten a bit better at location, but not to the extent of the other search engines. With Duck the user has to “Enable Locations” or you get very sparse local results.

Top of Duck Search ask to Enable Location:

I use Duck a lot and it’s local search isn’t very good for a lot of things. I tend to use Bing for Local.
Know that doesn’t help with the SEO stuff, but I think a lot of Duck users are used to that.

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