E37 - Where to Start with Web Development

Thank you @dan & @ben for yet another podcast, discussion of RW7, New & improved 3rd party products and the discussion on coffee :wink:

Some feedback

Topic: Where to start

Couldn’t agree more… a basic understanding of tags, attributes of at least html 4.0.1(5.0 isn’t that much different) is a must to understand the mixing of block element items and other elements. And yes, a basic understanding of CSS is a must… Google is your friend! Your book recommendations are excellent references.

RE: Typed.com no plugins.

If you are referring to page type plugins then true, but please don’t forget about @instacks blog stack that works with Typed.com default and Instacks Manta Themes.

RE: Frameworks (I have them all)

UIKit - Archetypon - New
Foundations - Joe Workman - updated lots
Pure - 1LD - not sure if being further developed
FreeStack - Blueball - hasn’t been updated in a bit but I hear there is some big things coming
BootSnap - Yabdab - not sure if being further developed

Would be nice if all the stacks and themes were brought up to use Stacks 3.0.5 features, update jQuery and font-awesome integration, integrate Stack TAG plist item so that the stacks are correctly sorted and named instead of unknown…


For those on the beta program, are they allowed to discuss more in the forums as you announce new and updated features since they are then public knowledge?

Thanks a bunch


Maybe something for another thread, but, what are your thoughts on it so far?

I just purchased it and will spend a little time with it prior to posting any feedback on it, but from the docs, the sample Theme and the actual UIKit website it is well maintained. Archetype’s products are simply an interface to the framework that has existed for a bit to allow integration into RapidWeaver 6/7.


If you’ve got any other recommendations of where peeps can learn about HTML, let us know here. We can do a follow up next week.

We were more talking about deeper integration with typed.com, which would be doable when we have a more finalised API. the BlogStack just displays your posts, would be nice if you could do more than that.

Ah yes, we forgot to mention Pure and FreeStack. Two more options :slight_smile:

If you haven’t listened to this weeks show, you can do so here http://rapidweavercommunity.com/podcasts/the-rapidweaver-show/37

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Exactly. Blog Stack is even free for Gold Membership Subscribers: http://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/stacks/blog-stack

And: Preview works perfectly in RW7 :slight_smile: