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I’m integrating the rather clever Easy CMS into a small site and am a bit stuck on how the Easy Protect stack works.

Is it a protection for the admin page and if so how do I get it to work?

Any help gratefully received! Cheers

Yes, the Protect stack will make a login page for your admin area. Just put the Protect stack at the top of your Easy CMS page.

Then you need to set a password, by default it is set as p@ssw0rd, but you will want to change that. There is a setting called Expire Unit. This is how long the user is kept logged in, you can set it for Minutes, Hours or Days. You can also put a Logout stack on the page, so people can logout of the page that way too. The Logout stack is just a container stack, that anything you put in there will become a logout link. We obviously suggest a button, but you can put text in there as well.

Back to the Protect stack, you can change the color of the background, add an image, a small logo and even a disclaimer at the bottom.

Hope this helps, I will be making a FAQ to put on Joe’s Docs page

It will be under the Foundation area.

Yeah it is used to password protect the Admin section. It should be as easy as dropping it into your page, assigning a password and publishing. Are you getting errors? Note that it doesn’t show ion preview
Edit: Ah, Zeebe beat me to it, as per usual. :slight_smile:

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Thanks both for your help.

Sorry to sound daft but do I add the stack to the admin page itself? I’ve tried that and published but the page hangs when I enter the password which made double check with you guys.

Ah - I’ve realised that I had a test script in that I was tinkering with earlier and see that it was clashing and stopping the login working. All is good! Cheers

may i be so daft to add another inquiry about easy cms? i have a small site for a client. he would like to have the possibility to put a pdf on the site which he can change himself at will. would “pdf embed” by our venerated master j.w. work with that?
thanx and cheers,

Potentially you could, I think.
You could set it up so that the URL in the pdf embed stack settings uses an Easy CMS macro, and have that as a field in the Admin page. (I haven’t done that with that stack, but have with other stacks - Button stacks, for example). Then it would depend on where the pdf is housed. If it is an external link, that’s easy. If he needs to house it himself, maybe using something like Droplet from Stacks 4 Stacks to handle the uploading, and then grabbing the URL from that.
I’m going a bit theoretical so I can’t say it’d work for sure.

does this now replace Page Safe stacks ?

If you are asking about the Protect stack replacing Page Safe, no. The Protect stacks that come with Easy and Total CMS are “Lite” Versions of Page Safe. If you already have Page Safe, I would use that. It has many more options.

ah ok good thank you - whilst Im here is this something to do with Easy CMS or Foundation - not sure what to look for to remove it ??!!! anyone know 1111111_jpg

Looks like a bit of code, would need a lot more than just that image to help.

Yea it is , I’m sure I’ve seen it before in a foundation page , I can’t remember what it was and what caused it :frowning: .
Anything specific I need to tell you ?


Best thing would be the URL of a published page. Or send in a ticket to support with the project file so we can see it happening. Foundation itself does not cause this, some bit of code somewhere is unfinished and it is showing this code.