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I’ve just bought Joe’s Easy CMS… Have to say i am completely baffled by it? All the videos make it all sound really easy… yet I’m really struggling with it? So now i have Easy CMS how on earth do i edit content online? Do i still need to buy something else? Do i have to build two websites or do i build it into a current website? Confused!!! You say you can edit content on mobile… How? Am i just completely missing something here? Is there no kind of password protection or is it just an admin button? Which i guess anybody could have access too! Please dont tell me i have to purchase something else!!


you have to build an admin area by yourself. You can copy your whole site, or build the admin area how you like it. You have a stack called “Protect” which protects your admin area. In general best practice is to put the protect stack on one admin page, then create an partial of this stack an put this partial on all other admin pages.

Have you looked at this?

I have looked at that yes Rob. But it still doesn’t answer my questions? The biggest one is how do I protect my content from just anybody going on the website and editing the page? I’m obviously completely missing something here! Should I have got total CMS instead? Are there any project files around that show how it works properly so I can get my head around it?

I use PageSafe for both Easy and TotalCMS.

I’ve seen page safe yes! They certainly know how to get money out of people don’t they! Very annoyed that a content management system doesn’t ship with a fundamental part of it all… something to keep your content safe… I guess yet another $29 will be spent! :pensive:

As I mentioned in my first post, with easy CMS a stack is shipped called “Protect”. For the basic functionality, it is working perfectly. The protect stack is the light version of Page safe.The difference is that you have more design possibilities with Page Safe.

Here some more images. Try to build this once, to understand the functionality.

You have to republish your site once, before you can see it in preview mode.

If it is still not working, please mention your domain, so we can have a look.

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Ok… thank you for your help. I’ll give it another shot later on. I’m sure it’ll be alright and it’ll all work fine, it’s just very frustrating when you’re new to something and things aren’t explained as well as they could be.