Edit assets/global.js directly per editor & FTP

my customer uses Rapidweaver at his website, but up to now, I never had anything to do with rapidweaver. Now I have to include some JavaScript code on every page, and I found the file /assets/global.js which seems to be included globaly.
Can I edit this file per editor and FTP, or have I to do all changes from the backend?
If I can insert code at this file, my problem would be solved, and if I can do this per editor and FTP it would be very nice.


If you change it directly on the website, it will be overwritten at next export from RW.

So you should perform these changes inside RW.

The best place to put the Javascript would be into the RapidWeaver Project File. Do you have access to the original RapidWeaver project? Or just the uploaded website?

Ideally you’d want to add the code to the project, and re-publish the website. Perhaps your customer could do this?

In theory you could add it to global.js as it’s used on every page. However, your changes might get wiped out the next time the customer uploads the website from RapidWeaver.

In short; It’s always best to make changes in the original RapidWeaver project file where possible.

Hope that helps!

Update: Seeing as this is often asked I’ve added this information to our new online help guide.

that was fast.
The Link was realy helpful.

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