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First post to RapidWeaver Forums - and appropriately so, I have a NOOB question:

Background: I’m coming to RW from having used Dreamweaver for many years (just cant handle the server-based system and constant $$ to use it…).

NOOB question: I need to be able to edit ALL code directly on RW8. I did search Topics and found 5 similar returns. It sounds like I cannot edit code directly. I’ll research the suggestion for “HTML Body by One Little Designer” but that seems like a cheesy way to go.

Thanks for any further thoughts and I’ll bet I’m not the only one who wants to do this (Hey RW Designers!!)

Cheers, David

Welcome, David,

As you already know, RapidWeaver works differently than Dreamweaver. That is one of its strengths (could be also construed as a weakness). Hopefully, you’ll get used to it.

Rovertek - Thanks for the reply. I was taught (perhaps too long ago) to have control over every line of code, not only to keep it tight but also for the exact properties needed for the site design. I wonder if I really will get used to “coding blind” with RapidWeaver….

If you stick around for a little while, you’ll find out that it is possible to use RW for almost anything you can think of, without writing code—blind or otherwise—if you have Stacks plugin and specific stacks installed. Besides that, you can write your own code if you want to and include that in your RW projects.


I suggest that you look into the following areas:

  • The code panels provided for head, css, javascript areas.

  • The html stack ( the most powerful stack there is )

Because the powers that be retail on the back of websites “without” code you will no doubt be disappointed to learn that the interfaces, such as they are, that allow one to inject code into the RW project are more than a little impoverished. I mean, Release 8 and there is poorer html code completion/editing capabilities than you get in VSC. Of course, this is by design.

But that does not make it impossible. In my experience it means that you have to learn how to leverage the parts have not yet been stuffed up. The html stack is often the way to go to inject scripts or custom content like premium sliders or Codecanyon type plugins. Takes a bit of experimentation but you’ll soon get the hang of how RW and Stacks interact to generate the DOM and more importantly, how that can be exploited.

Finally, give some thought to making your own stacks; its really not too tough and opens up a new world of possibilities if you are planning on spending a lot of time in RW.

Good luck.

Klaatu ~ Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll be sticking with RW (done with MS / Windows — its Mac only for me) and being a NOOB to the program, I understand it takes time to acclimate. Writing code is no problem (I taught myself UNIX, Flash, AutoCAD ….) so I’m looking forward to this challenge too!


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