Edit menu button in a theme

I’ve created a basic site in rw8 using one of the themes (lander, I think). I’d like to modify the menu button. Can someone direct me how to do this? I don’t see any options in the page config.

Here’s the site: http://www.fountainheadbassclub.com


Are you sure there is no control?
It’s just a font awesome icon…


you could just change the class with CSS if need be.

You can almost certainly do this with the Pro version - https://www.multithemes.com/examples/landerpro/

Maybe @MultiThemes can confirm?


yeah I figured I could do it with css. If I go that route I’d just add it in the “page inspector-html code-css”?

@robbeattie don’t see any options in the LanderPro theme for the button specifically.


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