Changing 'Menu' colour Lander theme

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I’m very new to web design, so go easy on me :wink:

I’m using the Lander theme, and would like to change the colour of the Menu box & ‘MENU’ text?

Appreciate any help/advice,


(Rob D) #2

Hi, Lloyd,

If you are using the Lander theme included with Rapid Weaver, there may be no controls for what you’re after. Most likely, this would be possible with Lander Pro which is a paid upgrade and gives you many more options than the standard one. Here’s just options for nav-menu colors:


I can’t give you a definitive answer, because I don’t have that theme.

(Bob Afifi) #3

@Rovertek is right, you can’t modify core RW themes. However, you can make a copy of them and those you can edit:
Right-click on Lander ->
Duplicate Theme ->
Save as Lander Copy ->
Right-click on Lander Copy ->
Show in Finder

(Rob D) #4

Yes. I did not mention this option, because it might be a bit too involved for a beginner. But it’s an option, nevertheless…

(Lloyd) #5

Thanks guys, really great help & advice, I’ll have a go.

(scott williams) #6

Something like nav colors can most likley be changed with a little CSS in the site wide code area. If you give a URL you will probably get some help.

(klaatu) #7

Modifying the theme, in order to change the colour of a couple of elements, is actually sub optimal advice, in my view.

Read further down. Use CSS for this purpose. That’s what it’s for.

If you possibly can, provide a link to your page.

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